Specialist Dog Photographer in Stafford



Andy with Australian Shepherd Skip

We love dogs. It’s no coincidence that they’re referred to as Man’s best friend. We work with them, play with them, live with them, and share our lives with them. Our dogs are there to celebrate the highs with us, and they’re there to snuggle up under the duvet with us when we’re feeling blue.

Hound ‘Tog started out as a side project for photographer Andy Straw of Alys Griffiths Photography. Andy has two big enthusiasms in life – dogs and photography. He has covered weddings, portraits and events for Alys Griffiths Photography as well as looking after commercial clients and teaching photography and photo editing classes. Andy considers himself a dog photographer rather than a pet photographer – pet photography is a much wider genre. Dog photography combines a specific understanding of dog behaviour with an understanding of how to get great photos – whether that be extreme action shots or well composed portraits.

We have two of our own canine companions. Cleo is a 6 year old Cocker Spaniel x Rottweiler (yes, you did read that right). She’s entirely nuts – especially when it comes to chasing balls and going swimming. Cleo has the very important job of looking after our twitter account. If Cleo seems crazy you’ve not seen anything until you’ve met Skip. Skip is our 4 year old Australian Shepherd. He loves nothing more than long walks, chasing frisbees and chewing on kitchen utensils (we’re still working on stopping that last one!). We take part in regular dog training activities and often participate in obedience demonstrations with the Benefit Dog Training demo team. Cleo has achieved her Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Gold Award, and Skip has his Silver and is working towards Gold. Skip is also working on his British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers Silver Award, having recently achieved Bronze.